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About Leap Graphics

We are a graphic design firm that strives to enhance the brand equity of our clients through exceptional customer satisfaction, artistic education and stunning design.

We are MBE/EDGE Certified and accredited with the Better Business Bureau Leap Graphics, Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Graphic Designer in Toledo, OH

Valerie Thompson – Founder/President

Leap Graphics started from a college dream over 7 years ago.  One that combined beautiful design with meeting client’s desires and and forging effective consumer relationships.  I wanted not just to design, but to communicate artistically.  Today, Leap Graphics is the manifestation of that dream, and I’m proud to say that the dream has become a thriving reality.

My resume says that I’m a highly creative, accomplished Graphic Designer and Marketing Strategist with extensive experience in print & multi-media design and production management. Simply put, I’m an artist with a passion for beauty and a mind for business.  A graduate of the University of Toledo with a B.A. in Graphic Design and an Adjunct Instructor teaching Intro to Computer Design at Columbus State Community College, I strongly believe in education.  Whenever I give a presentation, and even in my upcoming book, I stress it’s importance because as entrepreneurs, we die without it.  Leap Graphics not only informs consumers of the wonderful products and services of our clients, but we educate our clients on the best options to promote and distribute their message to their target audiences according to their budgets.

There is a market of small businesses and non-profit organizations that continue to lack the proper professional promotional material to show themselves as solution-driven, flourishing businesses.  That should never be.  There is a sophisticated design solution for every project and every budget every time.  Leap Graphics can provide that solution, and we’re excited to be able to work with you!

– Valerie

Rachel Royer – Contributing Graphic Designer

I began my professional career as a graphic designer seven years ago when I graduated from Bowling
Green State University with a B.F.A. in graphic design. I’ve always had a love for art and typography so
when I learned that there was a way for me to make a career out of combining the two, there was no
turning back! I’m privileged to have a job I love and find inspiration for my designs everywhere — from
Pinterest (yes, I’m addicted) and greeting cards to t-shirts and children’s books.
On my free time I love running, reading, painting, drawing in my sketchbook, or most of all, doing life with
my wonderful husband and our two amazing children.

– Rachel

Yamileth Recinos – Contributing Graphic Designer

My Name is Yamileth Recinos, I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, owner of my company, wife and
mom living in El Salvador, a little country in Central America. I’m 27 years old.
Growing up, I always had an interest in drawings, paints, scissors, computers, but all kids did, I
guess. So, when it was the time to actually make a decision about what path to take in my life, in in
high school (my last year), I decided to major in Graphic Design. I never knew graphic design, until
that moment that I decided I wanted to be a graphic designer. I knew since childhood, but did not
know what it was called. You know… fate.
I studied five years at the University, years of sleeplessness, sacrifice, many expenses… wonderful
years; it opens a world of possibilities. I worked three years in editorial company, one year in an
advertising agency and 3 years in a design studio. Now I have my own company with my best
friend, my husband.
Throughout my studies and work experience I have oriented towards a graphic style very clean,
modern and very detailed. I have specialized in editorial design (fonts, handling, color, size, order,
reading, cleaning, images, etc.) web design and currently UI design.
Maybe more like a hobby, draw children’s illustrations.
I’m a crazy; I collect fonts, stock images, and any image that will inspire me. I like the sites
inspirational, reading, collecting; but my favorite thing in the world is to be with my little baby
“Mateo”, being with my family, being together. My family is the engine that moves my life. I am a
very homely and I enjoy my family
And my strengths: I am a “perfectionist” as I call my husband. Everything has a place, a time and a
space defined. I’m “multitask”; I am one of those people who can be in your office and at home
with your baby at the same time. I am a very observant; very organized what make me an excellent
designer. My personal qualities help a lot in my work.

– Yami

Joseph Ferguson – Web developer/designer


My name is Joseph Ferguson and I am a graduate of the University of Toledo. My educational background is in Operations which is a field that covers a broad spectrum of technology and affords me the opportunity to delve into areas that range from web development to transaction processing systems. I am an avid student who loves to discover new things. My affection for what I like to call ‘digital art’ developed as a result of loving to transform many components into one beautiful picture and I also utilize this concept when applying my culinary skills. I must admit that I am a die-hard Pittsburg Steelers fan who is absolutely is enthralled by the sport of football. I’m still a child at heart, which I think is a good thing because it fuels my creativity and zest for life.

– Joe

Our Clients

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